• Simple Salt and Pepper Chips - Recipe

    Salt and Pepper seasoning is a modern day classic; it's an incredibly popular flavour, and the best part is, it works on everything! Whether you're adding flavour to your chicken or ribs, spicing up some tofu, or adding some zing to your veggies (salt and pepper corn on the cob anyone?), this seasoning is so versatile it's no wonder it's a firm favourite.

    If you've never cooked with this seasoning before, but love the way your local 


    What you’ll need…

    What you’ll do…

    1) Cook your preferred chips however you normally do
    2) Finely dice the onion, pepper, chilli and garlic
    2) Fry them all lightly in the oil and add two generous pinches of your salt and pepper seasoning
    4) Add the seasoned veg mix to the chips and combine thoroughly
    5) Sprinkle another big pinch of seasoning over your chips and enjoy!


    Why not try…
    Using pork or seafood or chicken, instead of chips!


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