Chilli Oil Infusion Kit


Chilli oil goes with everything...

Noodles...? ✓
Seafood...? ✓
Salad...? ✓

So why not take matters into your own hands and blend your own chilli oil using this easy kit! You'll get a selection of dried chilli pods so you can control the heat, as well as a bottle for the finished product. We've also included gloves, and we recommend you use them; with Carolina Reaper pods reaching a massive 2.2 MILLION on the Scoville scale, you don't want to handle these bad boys with your bare hands!

Create homemade chilli oil that's perfectly suited to your taste!

If you really love heat you can also get this kit as part of our Chilli Lover's Essentials pack here, and get a chilli salt grinder and our Hot and Smoky seasoning as well! The perfect gift for Father's Day!

You also have the option to add on an extra bottle, so you can make two bottles at once! Why not try different heat levels to see what you prefer?



1x swing top bottle for your finished oil, 1x pair polythene gloves, 4x varieties dried chilli pods 


Chipotle, Ghost Chilli, Trinidad Scorpion, Carolina Reaper

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Customer Reviews

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Never really found a chilli oil that I would use again and again and with the levels of heat to my liking. After trying this one I'm seriously impressed with the differen options of chilli peppers and the instructions were so clear of how to get the best from them! So far I've used it on pizza, used as a base for a rub (mixed with the hot as hell seasoning) and as a salad dressing and everytime I've been blown away by the flavour profile. Keep up the great work guys :+1:

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