Brining Meat - How and Why

If you've never heard of brining meat before, we're here to tell you just how amazing it is! Brining meat is the easiest way to make whatever you're eating moist and tender, perfect for cuts that tend to dry out when cooking. 

Let's start with why you should brine meat...

Brining meat is the easiest way to ensure the finished product is extra tender and moist. Your meat will absorb all of that moisture, meaning even though some juices will be lost during cooking, the end product will still be delicious and juicy! The salt in the solution will also help to break down the proteins in the meat, resulting in a cooked meat that is much more tender. Our brines are so much more than just salt and water, however, as we've included the perfect mix of ingredients to subtly infuse even more flavour into the meat.

If this is something you've never done before and you think it sounds far too complicated, let's take a look at how you brine meat, and see how simple it is to make a brine, using our products.

It really is as simple as one, two, three...

  1. Gently warm your brining mix with some water until dissolved, let that cool.
  2. When it feels cold to the touch, put the liquid and your meat into a container. The meat should be covered by the brining liquid.
  3. Leave it for 3 to 4 hours for a chicken, or longer for pork and beef. If you're only doing a chicken breast or two, an hour is plenty long enough. Drain it, and cook that beautifully enhanced piece of meat.

Now you might be wondering, what are the best meats to brine?

This technique works best on leaner cuts of meat as those are more likely to dry out during cooking. All cuts of chicken, pork chops, and brisket are just some examples of products that can easily dry out during cooking. It also gives all your favourite barbecue cuts that extra hit of moisture and flavour.


Ready to brine?

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 Any questions?

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