Flavour Notes

Our Spiced Rum and Pink Gin kits are the easiest way to create your own custom spirit, but we know not everybody will know which ingredients are the best for adding the flavours you want. This is a brief description of the flavours you can add using the ingredients included with your kit. 


Spiced Rum


Vanilla pod - perfect for adding sweetness and warmth. Split your pod down the middle and scrape the seeds into your rum before adding the rest of the pod for maximum flavour

Liquorice root - a delicious aniseed flavour is the perfect way to ensure your rum isn't too sweet

Maple-glazed grapefruit - the secret ingredient! This will add a caramelised citrus flavour to your rum

Black cardamom pods - a floral flavour that will bring balance to your rum - crush pods gently before adding to your rum

Cinnamon stick - warming and aromatic, brings out the natural sweetness in other ingredients - best used as a whole stick

Cloves - a blend of fruity and bitter flavours, with notes of perfume - use sparingly as they can pack quite a punch!


Top tip: the vanilla pod will add a lot of sweetness to your rum, if you want to reduce this we recommend only using half the pod


Pink Gin


Freeze dried strawberries - for adding that sweet, fruity flavour you love!

Freeze dried raspberries - to add a tart sweetness, as well as a subtle pink colour (don't worry if they go white whilst infusing!)

Dried hibiscus flowers - the best way to add that beautiful pink colour to your gin, the more you add, the pinker it gets!

Black cardamom pods - to balance out the sweetness, crush one of these pods to bring a subtle, floral flavour to your gin. If you prefer your gin on the sweeter side, use half a pod or leave out entirely


Top tip: if you love a sweeter tasting gin, add a teaspoon of sugar or sweetener along with the other ingredients!