Trade and Wholesale

The majority of our seasonings and rubs can be sold in large batches for trade. Our blends are perfect for large scale catering as an easy way of adding flavour to all aspects of food; proteins, vegetables and most other accompaniments. As well as the blends we already stock, we are more than happy to create your own custom flavour to work around your needs. Similarly the products we stock can be adapted to suit any allergen or dietary requirements you might need to consider. If you require a sample of any of our products please get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

For large scale catering, for example bulk meal prep, the versatility of our seasonings means you can add flavour to each and every part of your meals. Our rubs are perfect for all meats, with some specially created to compliment chicken, fish or darker meats. For any potato based products, our chips and wedges or roast potato seasonings are perfect, and the ingredients can be adapted to suit your needs. All of our seasonings work well with different vegetables, and are an easy way to add flavours that will complement the rest of your dish. Using our seasonings also saves you having loads of different ingredients open at once!

As our background is predominantly in the catering and hospitality sector we have a greater understanding of what is need to cater for large volumes, and will liaise with you to make sure your order perfectly fits your requirements. 

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