Custom Product Request


If you have any specific dietary requirements that our products do not meet, don't worry, we can fix that! 

By purchasing a custom product, you can choose a seasoning jar from the list below, let us know what your dietary requirements are, and we will make a product to suit you. We are currently only able to offer this service for a minimum of 3 jars of one product. This means you will be charged £10 for 3 identical jars, as opposed to the 3 for £10 mix and match offer we have on our normal range. 

To have your own product custom made, please fill in the "Notes" section of the checkout with as much detail as possible, including the product you would like, as well as your dietary needs. We will get in touch with you via email if we need any more information. Please also note that as we are making these products to order they may take 3-4 working days to be despatched, in addition to our normal delivery times. 

Choose one product from the following list to start customising your seasoning:


  • Salt and Pepper
  • Smoky Salt and Pepper
  • Chips and Wedges
  • Steak Seasoning
  • Sweet and Smoky
  • Hot and Smoky
  • Pickled Onion Salt
  • Coffee and Chilli

Customer Reviews

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Amazingly Tasty!

I approached rub and roll to see if they could create a custom product for myself. I wanted a smoky, flame grilled flavour that I could use day to day on a variety of different things. This custom make is so versatile, so yummy that I’m going to have to stockpile it! I was so happy how run and roll took on board all my dietary needs and worked out the perfect flavour! Thank you once again!

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