Smoke Without Fire Brine


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Smoky BBQ flavours, without the hot flaming coals! This brine is great for beginners and works with everything from steaks to drumsticks.

All of our brines come in a 100g pouch, which will make up two brining solutions; all you need to do is add water and you're off!

If you're looking for more information on how and why you should brine meat, take a look at our handy info page here.

✓ All natural ingredients                     

✓ Gluten and dairy free           

✓ Vegan friendly                                   

✓ No additives or preservatives

Customer Reviews

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Very, very tasty.

Used the smoke without fire brine for the first time today. I used it for chicken breasts and it was absolutely delicious. Easy to use product, instructions on the back of the packet, it really was a delicious flavour. Will definitely be having it again. Well done rub and roll.

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